Ergonomik berbilang peringkat

1) Ergonomik mikro (kupasan unsur-unsur fizikal)
2) Ergonomik makro (kupasan unsur-unsur sosial)
3) Ergonomik meso (kupasan unsur-unsur pengurusan maklumat)

Maklumat lanjut:

1) Joy Rivera-Rodriguez, A. & McGuire, K. Multi-Level Ergonomics: Determining How To Bound Your System. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting September, 2013, 57: 1104-1108.

2) Vedder, J., & Carey, E. 2005. A multi-level systems approach for the development of tools, equipment and work processes for the construction industry. Applied Ergonomics 36(4):471-80.


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